Def Familia Entertainment is enthusiastic in welcoming you to our LLC organization. Before we begin PLEASE take the time to understand the mission and overall goal for Def Familia Entertainment. Take the opportunity to thoroughly read and appreciate the concept of what Def Familia Entertainment represents before committing yourself to any duties or titles. Def Familia Entertainment is an organization whose mission is to grasp the deaf and hearing communities by facilitating them and supporting them in achieving some, if not all, of their aspirations. Through continuous community service as well as fund-raising events, we here at Def Familia Entertainment is confident that we can encourage,inspire and allow the Deaf Community to grow and build with STRUCTURE! As we all know, CHILDREN are the most precious and delicate human beings! Def Familia Entertainment is determined to set a positive example and educate our children and lead them in the right direction. Def Familia Entertainment firmly believes that loyalty and dedication is necessary to complete our tasks within the community. It takes an entire village to raise a child!
So why was Def Familia Entertainment created? Representatives for Def Familia Entertainment have a burning passion to share knowledge, experience, and wisdom. Our purpose is to pass these attributes to those who are not aware and lacking guidance within our deaf and hearing communities. We believe that we must give in order to receive! At Def Familia Entertainment our duty is to provide empowerment and leadership to help our communities build a structural foundation and to also build a successful and expansive corporation to provide employment for deaf and hearing persons. We hope to add you to our organization and know that you will be a valuable asset and hope that Def Familia Entertainment can be just as important to you. Again, Def Familia Entertainment is pleased to welcome you to our Def Familia team!



Def Familia is about recognition, positivity, humility, and inspiration through entertainment therefore we would like for you to help us spread the awareness of bridging the gap between Deaf and Hearing communities by wearing Def Familia clothing line. Please visit Def Familia Online store WWW.SHOPATDEFFAMILIA.COM

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The Def Familia logo was designed to represent the idea that to Deaf individuals, no matter how loud the sound is, silence will always be the loudest sound to us. Back in the day, scientists would experiment on mice to test their reactions to different medicines. Well, the monkey, in a sense, represents the testing we, as Deaf individuals, have gone through. We know the audiologist can't truly measure what we "hear." We hear with our eyes, our nose, and our touch. The monkey represents us, sitting through test after test. It represents the hours of visits to the audiologist to determine "how deaf" we are, listening for that small sound that we can not hear. But only WE know that this test can not measure what we hear, or what we experience. No matter how loud the sound, we are still Deaf. Silence is the loudest sound to us. Hearing people are always curious how the Deaf experience music and if they can appreciate it. As Deaf people, we can experience and appreciate music through our eyes and through our sense of touch. The hearing culture can learn a lot about Deaf people from their culture. It is the goal of Def Familia to bring these two cultures together to learn from each other. It is only when the two worlds come together that we can grow and appreciate all the things each culture has to offer.